Small Town Blues

Great day at the shelter!
Not too busy; lots of time to catch up after two week’s vacation. Cabbage soup and vegetable soup for lunch plus salmon sandwiches. And a bean salad mix with hot peppers and cucumbers added to it. Worked alongside a young offender. Chuckled with him when he told me he probably wouldn’t have been caught but he was in a small town at the time! Gotta work on that remorse, buddy! He was hard at work making tuna sandwiches. Says  he plans on helping out from time to time after his hours are fulfilled. I have hope for him. The sandwiches were a hit. Quite the masterpiece! Added to the tuna were mayo, Caesar salad dressing, paprika, garlic salt, salt and pepper, Cajun seasoning, parsley, relish and ketchup! There were squares from Costco donated also: Macaroon Madness, Lemonburst Macaroon and Caramel Macaroon. For supper, there was a real treat. Italian Capocollo served with a tomato sauce over a special rice.
One of the folks  today brought a smile to my face. He said since he last saw me, I’ve become darker than him. And, he’s been “working” on his tan. I told him I’ve been doing a lot of gardening. You see, the homeless are quite tanned because they’re outside so much of the day, walking everywhere. It felt great to be back!

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