Sunflowers in the Front Yard

When I was a young girl, my Dad told me we couldn’t plant sunflowers in the front yard. Well, I’m all grown up now. Rebel, rebel! There were a few shrubs on the corner of our front yard which had been irritating me. If I planted flowers nearby, they’d be eaten up by bugs attracted to the shrubs. I also grew tired of trimming the shrubs. I convinced my hubby, Guy the shrubs had to go.


After preparing the garden beds and planting in it, I noticed the bugs were still there! Well, that backfired! But, the plants persevered. It was now  a race. To see if the castor beans outgrew the sunflowers. Or vice versa.

The sunflowers won. The bugs have retreated to bushes elsewhere, I presume, too. And, today, the sunflowers stand proudly on my front lawn.


My Dad still plants sunflowers, mind you, but in the back yard. And, his are taller than mine.


And, wouldn’t you know it? So are his castor beans.


He’s got 70+ years of gardening under his belt. I’ll get there!

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