Their Shoes #38

Mixing things up a bit for this week’s edition of Their Shoes. A follow-up good news edition!
Cynthia from Their Shoes #29    rushed to the counter while I was serving sandwiches recently at the homeless shelter. She could hardly contain herself waiting for me to be finished talking to a young man being served.
“Guess what? I got a job! A new job!”
Cynthia told how she was now employed as a banquet server at St. Clair College Centre for the Arts, a convention facility in downtown Windsor.
“The food is really good and the people are so nice. There was a wedding there and they gave all of us servers a huge tip! Last week-end, there was a banquet with the former mayor. I can’t believe the people I am meeting working there.”
Cynthia usually wore a downtrodden appearance. She was transformed into a bubbly, happy soul. I couldn’t believe this was the same person.
She mentioned that she would be working almost every week-end but she didn’t mind. She was pleased to have an enjoyable job.
“Cynthia, just think of it as you’ll always be invited to the most popular parties every week!”

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