Their Shoes #45

Moe received her shoes from the Bargain Annex. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Shelter and food. If I don’t find a place to live by August 31, me and my son will be homeless. The new landlord doesn’t want people living in the apartment anymore. I can’t find a place! It’s really… Continue reading Their Shoes #45

A Growing Tribute

I’ve always loved sunflowers since I was a youngster. The towering yellow flowers make me smile. Dad wouldn’t plant them in the front yard like I requested back then. However, in later years, he always planted a row of sunflowers at the edge of his vegetable garden right up until his last summer. This year,… Continue reading A Growing Tribute

Their Shoes #44

Tia recently received her shoes from the homeless shelter. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Shelter! I’ve just been couch-surfing since I lost my place. I no longer have a place of my own. I rented from my cousin before we, shall I say,  parted our separate ways. My situation changed… Continue reading Their Shoes #44

A Prayer Heard

My Mom was distraught. Her hearing aid was missing. Yup. The newly upgraded edition that had involved several trips to the hearing clinic. Mom had removed it earlier and placed it in her pocket. Werther’s candy wrappers happened to be in her pocket also. When the wrappers were tossed into the garbage, Mom thought the… Continue reading A Prayer Heard

Their Shoes #43

Nancy’s shoes were purchased by her parents. Her previous pair fell apart and she required a new pair for a non-paying career gig. “I plan on paying them back. For now, it’s added to the nearly $10,000. debt to my parents incurred over the years from buying necessities like food, clothing and shoes. Not to… Continue reading Their Shoes #43