Hi! I’m Rita Jacques; a nurse who writes from the heart.
I work in Labour and Delivery (L&D), yup, caring for the Moms in labour. Whatever happens in L&D, stays in L&D, just like for Vegas. I cannot divulge anything if I want to keep my job!
I’ve also volunteered for disaster-relief nursing in the rubble of Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake. And in Pakistan after the monsoon floods ravaged the country.Plus a nursing stint in Honduras in a L&D unit. I love nursing, travel and adventure so it all ties together. Highlights of my life!
For a few years, I traded in my stethoscope for an apron one day a week to serve up soup and compassion at a homeless shelter called Street Help in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Seeing the resilience in the homeless gave me strength in my day-to-day struggles. If they can carry on despite worse circumstances, I need to put on my big girl panties, pull up my socks and carry on also!
I’m married to the love of my life, Guy, and have two beautiful daughters, Monique and Giselle. And a bichapoo, Sophie.  I’ve four budgies, all named after the characters in “It’s A Wonderful Life”;  George and Mary and their offspring, Janie and Tommy. Zuzu lives with Monique and is an annoyance to her cockatiel, Homer. There’s also a turtle, Cutie, that’s 26 years old. Survives on benign neglect.
I love to garden, or should I say live to garden?  Milkweed grows side-by-side with the flowers to encourage Monarch butterflies. I’ve witnessed the miracle of life starting with a tiny egg on a milkweed pod leading through several stages to become a beautiful butterfly.
I love experiencing new things. At age 19, I backpacked solo through Australia and South-East Asia. At age 35, I learned to ride a motorcycle. Age 50 meant a trip to Haiti, Pakistan,and New York! How’s that for contrasts? At age 55, I became an Associate- I love the title. What that means is I’m a lay nun. Guy was relieved there weren’t any poverty or chastity vows involved. It means I like to do good in the world. Spreading peace and love to all!
At age 56, I finished the first draft of my book, My Own Calcutta: A Year of Living Generously. It involves my first year of working at the homeless shelter, which triggered memoirs from my life, including travel to far off lands.
If you like my blog, you’ll love my future book!