Home Sweet Home!

Our family slowly split up in separate vehicles and left the family gathering about ten minutes from our childhood South-Western Ontario town. As we approached Wallaceburg, I turned to my husband, Guy. I asked, “Can we drive by my childhood home? We have to!” We made two turns off of the main highway. I pointed… Continue reading Home Sweet Home!

Their Shoes #34

Mike received his shoes from a drop-in centre in Ottawa last month. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Shelter! I’m staying at the Salvation Army right now. It’s not that bad. I have a bed and a locker. They’ve lined me up with a worker already, too. I’ve nowhere else… Continue reading Their Shoes #34

A Cross to Wear

I told the older woman behind the counter at the dress shop that I liked her cross. Funny how those words opened up a conversation. She looked beyond retirement age but I’d watched her move expertly through the store: measuring brides-to-be for wedding gowns and teens for their prom dresses, and fetching yet another outfit… Continue reading A Cross to Wear

Their Shoes # 33

Tim has been a regular client of the shelter. He’s always lending a hand. “I do anything and everything. Whatever is needed. I don’t keep set hours. If I’m here, I help!” Tim received his shoes yesterday from the shelter. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “I don’t struggle with… Continue reading Their Shoes # 33

Welcome to Windsor!

When I picked up my daughter from the downtown Greyhound bus station, I was struck by how the surrounding neighbourhood didn’t exactly shout out: “Welcome to Windsor!” No rolling out the red carpet here. The neighbourhood had a new aquatic centre nearby, sure, but there was also a rough-looking man busking for money near the LCBO… Continue reading Welcome to Windsor!