Their Shoes #23

  Keith has been one of the regular clientele of the shelter for years. Today was the first time I saw him with a sleeping bag and a mat, made from milk bags, tucked under his arm.  He told me there’s a chance he would be sleeping on the street tonight. He wanted to be prepared. Keith’s… Continue reading Their Shoes #23

Identity Theft??

I should’ve known better. It had to be a scam. It didn’t add up. I was beating myself up for being sucked in. Again. This was worse than the time I received the e-mail asking me to click on a link to update my credit card info. That situation took a half-hour on the phone… Continue reading Identity Theft??

Pay You Double!

The young man sat hunched over in his old wheelchair. It was the kind you roll with your hands, not an electric model. An overturned baseball cap was held out by chapped, bare hands. My daughter and I had walked three blocks on a blustery January afternoon. We’d passed by six parking meters, each one labeled… Continue reading Pay You Double!

Their Shoes #21

For about three months, Jeff worked as the manager of the shelter on the week-ends. Cooking for up to 200 people a day, washing dishes and serving food. A very large commitment! Jeff received his shoes from the shelter. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “I’m in a good place… Continue reading Their Shoes #21