Their Shoes #21

For about three months, Jeff worked as the manager of the shelter on the week-ends. Cooking for up to 200 people a day, washing dishes and serving food. A very large commitment! Jeff received his shoes from the shelter. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “I’m in a good place… Continue reading Their Shoes #21

Number One Brother: Marty!

“Just wait; you’ll see for yourself it’s true. If you swim and hit the therapy pool afterwards, you’ll feel like you’re 60 again!” I chuckled at the group of octogenarians in the pool’s locker room. I don’t know how 60 “feels” yet. But, when you’re in your eighties, I’m sure feeling like you’re 60 is… Continue reading Number One Brother: Marty!

Their Shoes #20

Dave recently learned about the shelter through his cousin, Chris. For two years now, Chris has served food and washed dishes at the shelter. Dave enjoys working alongside his cousin to serve food to the homeless. “It feels good to be able to help others.” Dave’s running shoes were donated to him by the shelter.… Continue reading Their Shoes #20

Top Things I Learned

Things I learned from entering my first writing contest: 1)    I wished I paid more attention to Mrs. McPhee, my grade eight English teacher. No one knew grammar like Mrs. McPhee! 2)    Mistakes can be found even on the fortieth re-read. 3)    It’s good to review the fine print of the rules earlier than the… Continue reading Top Things I Learned

Their Shoes #19

James has been a client and volunteer at the shelter for as long as I’ve volunteered there. I don’t think anyone can wash dishes as quickly as James. He bought his running shoes at Champs Sports store. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Definitely, shelter. I don’t have a place… Continue reading Their Shoes #19