Tale of a Nail

Talk about a rough night for Monique! First, things had ended between her and a guy after a seven year history of friendship. Then, my hubby, Guy received a frantic call from Monique. She’s panicking; mice are scurrying about her apartment. Could he please pick her up so she could sleep at out place? Bless,… Continue reading Tale of a Nail

Some Like It Hot!

  Great day at the shelter! When I arrived, the tuna sandwiches were finished and we were only serving soup. Two kinds of soup: cabbage soup and “spicy soup”, which is what we called a hearty lentil soup. A homeless man told me,” See how red my face is? And, see how I’m sweating? It’s not… Continue reading Some Like It Hot!

Has Anyone Seen My Cart?

Easy day at the shelter! Caught a break from the dishwashing today and helped out in the kitchen the whole time. My daughter, Monique and I chopped up tons of onions and garlic for Shepherd’s pie. Trust the world’s biggest onion and garlic lover to be in charge of the quantities to add to the meat! Layered the ground… Continue reading Has Anyone Seen My Cart?

In the Beginning…

It was the fall of 2013 when I stepped out of my comfort zone as a nurse to volunteer at a homeless shelter called Street Help. Yup, I’ve traded in my stethoscope for an apron once a week since then and I’ve never looked back. Let me tell you how it all began. A typhoon… Continue reading In the Beginning…