Part 2-“Just tell him you’re with Wade!”

I zipped up a light sweater instead of changing my top which showed a glimpse of cleavage. Then, Lisa and I headed from our hotel to the homeless shelter. I told her I tucked a twenty dollar bill in my pocket for a donation.  I figured we wouldn’t be able to volunteer at this late… Continue reading Part 2-“Just tell him you’re with Wade!”

Part 1- Stepping out on a Ledge

I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason. A first time visit to Calgary wouldn’t have been complete without a get-together with Jean, who headed out West years ago. My friend planned a whole agenda of touristy things to experience, including the Calgary Tower. As we ascended the high speed elevator, signs appeared… Continue reading Part 1- Stepping out on a Ledge

Found in Chinatown

Funny how the unexpected can take your breath away and pull at your heartstrings. I strolled alone in the metropolis of Calgary, killing time before attending a wedding. Camera strapped over one shoulder ready to aim at buildings and unique statues. And at whatever else caught my fancy, like magpies and chipmunk-like gophers. Purse tucked… Continue reading Found in Chinatown

Put a Positive Spin on Your Life

Good things can evolve from bad events. I’m a true believer you can always put a spin on things. My daughter, Monique suddenly left her beloved first apartment with its large garden this winter. Having worked at a gardening centre last summer, she’d acquired many unique perennial plants she was reluctant to leave behind. Her… Continue reading Put a Positive Spin on Your Life

Thrills for Three Coupons Each!

“We should’ve checked the height restrictions!!” I convinced Guy it’d be fun to go for a Ferris wheel ride late at night. But, on arriving at the downtown Windsor riverfront, I was swept up by the atmosphere. Two more rides caught my interest. We purchased a big strip of coupons, enough for at least three rides.… Continue reading Thrills for Three Coupons Each!

The Husband Cookie

I saw him from the corner of my eye as I exited the international grocery store. He was half slumped, his back to me, sitting on the hot concrete curb at the far end of the parking lot. I approached my car and put the two small bags of groceries inside. The bag for one… Continue reading The Husband Cookie

Lessons & Memories of Dad!

To celebrate Father’s Day, here’s some quotes from my Dad plus some of the best-loved memories from his six kids, thirteen grandchildren and now…six great-grandchildren! I hope I counted correctly. We all know Dad did math in his head. 1) “It will build character!” Usually announced when things didn’t go the way we planned. 2)… Continue reading Lessons & Memories of Dad!