Their Shoes #53

This post is an update about Nancy, from Their Shoes #43 “I’m falling through the cracks!” I spent yesterday with Nancy. While I can’t say I walked in her shoes, I most certainly did get a better appreciation of her struggles. Nancy’s been living in an apartment shared with mice for close to 2 years.… Continue reading Their Shoes #53

Lions & Tigers & Beers, Oh My!

Cross-border shopping. I’m not like many people from Windsor. I don’t tend to shop much in Detroit. However, my hubby, Guy and my daughters like to order on-line and have their items shipped to a warehouse in Detroit. It’s rather convenient; just a hop and a skip from the US/Canada tunnel. Saves big time on… Continue reading Lions & Tigers & Beers, Oh My!

Their Shoes #52

Sandra received her shoes from a friend. Sandra’s been at the shelter for years. Her husband passed away from cancer about one year ago. Life has always been hard for her but the last year was especially rough. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Transportation! I need rides everyday to… Continue reading Their Shoes #52

Their Shoes #51

 “D” wished to be anonymous. She asked to be called “D”. She received her flip-flops from the shelter two years ago. She requested only her flip-flops be photographed. What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? “Food. I get some of my meals here. But, not all of them. I know there… Continue reading Their Shoes #51